Bernd Pond

Store Pictures Fountain

Fountain Display 1

Stainless Steel Globe Fnt. Lg, Med. and Small

Blue Copper Iris Fnt., Copper Tree Fnt., Red and  Copper Iris Fnt.,

 Stacked Urn Fnt., Actual Stone Cream Orange Fnt., Roman Urn Fnt.


Fountain Display 2

3-Ceramic Urn Fnt, actual stacked Pebble Stone Fnt.

Travertine Fnt., stacked limestone Fnt.


Fountain Display 3

Ceramic Fountains


Concrete Fountain Display

Please note that this is an older picture, Today this place is full of different Fountains


Please note, these Fountains shown in the displays are just samples of what we have available

and might already have been sold!!!

Please talk to us about your wishes and prefered colors!