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Basics to Aerater:

One of the myth out there is, that you can over-oxygenate your pond. That is simply wrong!
Water holds by Mother Nature only an amount of oxygen, the rest goes simply into the Air.

Way more important is, that heat, rotting material, lots of fish, algea and also some algea treatments take out so much oxygen, that your biological  system is in true danger.

When you see your fish gasp on the boarder of your pond, it is already to late,  because most of your benefitial bacteria already died of.

Quiet often even waterfalls and fountains are not able, to implement enough oxygen into the water.
And do you have your fountains or waterfalls running year around, usually not.

Because of that “Bernd’s Pond” strongly suggest to anybody who has live such as fish or plants in his water-feature to run an aerator 24 hours, 7 days, year around.

There is a wide varity of aerator avaible, howerver you don’t want your water-feature to have a bubbling, boiling surface.

Some aerator you can mange with velves, some not.
Some come with Air-Stones, some with defuser.

The mainrule, as deeper your airstone or diffuser, as bigger the bubbles.
But the airstones or diffuser should be at least 12 deep, to avoid freezing into the ice in the wintertime.
Also you need to get a safe place against the elements for your aerator.

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