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Basics to Filter:

There is a wide variation of filter and filter systems avaible.

Submersible Filter, Submersible filter with fountains, Skimmerfilter, Waterfall filter, Sandfilter, Beat filter to name just a couple.

There are two task, basicly every filter is supposed to do:

1. Collect unwanted debri
2. Give a wide survace for benifitial bacteria to grow and multiply

Maintenance for filter

It is very easy, whenever you realize, that your waterflow slows down, you need to clean the filter.
Deepending of the season that accours less or more often, but avoid under any sircumstances that your pump runs dry.

skimmerfilter 6.0

Now a couple hints:

1. Do not use to fine filtermash or filter pads, you will be every day cleaning,
which can’t be the goal
2. Never rinse your filterpad with Tup-Water as this is chlorined and  kills all your good bacteria,better is to rinse it in a rainbarrel or  natural water as from a well.
Also does your filterpad not have to be perfectly clean, remeber your benefitial bacteria need something to live on.
3. You can over filter your pond, so the filter size in combination of the waterflow will be very important.
To be to clean is not a benifitial goal!

From time to time you need to exchange your filtermedia, this occours when your filterpad get bigger holes.
That is happend from handling them, usually not from the function in the system.
“Bernd’s Pond” has filterpads in stock, depending on size and form some might need to be cut to fit.

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