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How to do

There a 3 categories of water feature building.

1. Hire a Constuctor who does all for you

2. Hire a Construtor who does it with you

3. Do it all yourself


However you decide to go, make sure that you get what you want.

Most supplier and constructor/landscaper are looking for big€ť sales, without knowledge to back it up.

Your future water feature is an investment and you have the right, to expect something from it.
But you should know what you expect and what you want.

Even most online-stores hit you with a big variation of numbers, but do you know, how many tooth a gear in your car has?

With the following 3 buttons, you find informations to all 3 kinds of water feature building.

Always make sure, that your supplier, constructor/landscaper knows more, then just that there needs to be a hole.
Look for Recommendations, Certifications and talk,which helps quickly to find out, if there is a deeper knowledge.
If possible, visit some projects and talk with the owner.

Pond Clubs also might be a good source, but be aware there are a lot of myth out there.
But still you will get input, which will help to ask the right questions.

If you follow this, you will find the right supplier,  constructor/landscaper and your investment will pay of and give you a  long time of enjoyment.

As we at Bernd’s Pond always say: PONDS DONE RIGHT

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You and Constructor do it
Do it all yourself
Knowledge Base
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