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Basics to Ionizer:

Ionizer are pretty new to the market.
But for us at Bernd’s PondĚ they belong into every water-feature which contains more than 250 gallon of water up to 25,000 gallon of water.

The Task from Ionizer is, to kill Algea, including String-Algea!

Ionizer get installed into the water-system between your pump and filter.
It is an easy task, because it comes with fittings for different hose-sizes and also with fitting for PVC-Pipes.

Ionizer release permanantly Ions to the water.

This Ions kill existing algea and also algea seet.

But they are also benefitial to the color of your fish and waterplants.

The Ionizer is easy to be controlled over an external Control, you can set depending to the needs.

It shows you, when the Probe needs to be exchanged, which depending on  the size of your waterfeature and use accours every 1 to 3 years. The  change of the Probe is an easy task.

In “Bernd’s Pond” opinion a truly great addition to UV-Lights or even an alternativ to them.

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