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Knowledge Base

1. the right place:

Basically every space in your yard is  right, except the lowest one, because rainwater will wash everything  into your pond like leaves, fertilizer and other debris, also with every rain your pond will be flooded which will make it difficult to  establish a stable biological system.

Full sun, part sun or full shade doesn’t matter, you only need to know that, to plant the right plants in your water feature.

2. the right pond:

“Bernd”s Pond” strongly recommends, not to try Concrete or Clay,
if you are not experienced with this material.
Leaves Preformed Ponds or Liner Ponds
Please click the following button for further information.

Preformed Ponds Liner Ponds

3. the right equipment:

There is a wide variation of equipment available,
Pumps, Biological Filter, Waterfall Filter, Skimmer Filter, UV-Clarifier/Sterilizer and Cupper-Ionizer, Aeration is depending on your pond additional, but never wrong.

However, if they don’t fit as system and with the size and shape of your pond together, you are screwed
“Bernd’s Pond” offers you an functional assembling for the needs of your individual pond
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fish frog
UV-Clarifier Sterilizer

4. the right start up

For the first start up,
you should have your Preformed Pond or Liner Pond as clean as possible.
All technic should be installed and ready to go.
Best is, to fill your pond with tub water, so you are sure, you don’t start  directly with some unwanted stuff which might be in Groundwater, Rivers  or Wells.
Don’t forget, to look at your water meter, because the  number of gallons your pond takes will always be an important number. If for treatments, how many fish and other things.
After your pond is filled, start the pumps and plug UV-Lights and other equipment in.
Check all connections for tightness. And of course read the water meter!
Add depending on the water volume de-chlorine and let everything stay for at least one day.
Then add beneficial cold water bacteria according to the water volume in your pond.
Wait another 2 days, so the water warms up,
now you are ready to plant your first water plants.

5. the right Plants:

Depending where you live, Plants are hardy or not hardy.
Unfortunately the not hardy ones are usual the most beautiful blooming ones.
But if you look closer, you will find also beautiful hardy plants.
Please click the following buttons to see which hardyness zone you are and to learn more about waterplants.

Hardyness Zone
August_5__2007_Bernd_s_flowers_from_Leon_003 August_5__2007_Bernd_s_flowers_from_Leon_003

6. the right fish:

Before you add fish to your new pond,  give time to plants to build a root system and your pond to establish a  biological system. A good number is at least 2 weeks after filling.

Always remember, when you buy fish, the capacity of your pond is limited.
Your fish will grow and an overcrowded pond causes trouble.

Also ask when you buy fish, where they come from. “Bernd’s Pond” sells only Iowa hedged Koi and Goldfish
Their parents know winter and ice and the immune system is developed for it.
Fish which come from Florida or California first need to develop the immune system, which can cause fish loss.
Quality Fish means lots of happiness, losing fish always causes grief.

To learn more about Pond-Fish, click the following button

Wilhelm__and_Bandit_Aug._23__2008_and_downstairs._006 Wilhelm__and_Bandit_Aug._23__2008_and_downstairs._006
Pond - Fish

Please note, there are other creatures which are very beneficial to your pond.
Bull-Frogs or Japanese Traptor snails as an sample.

Frogs you need to set in your pond as tadpoles, otherwise they always will leave you.
Trapdor snails are very good algae eater.
Both “Bernd’s Pond” offers in the Store to the beginning of the season.

7. the right accessories:

Over the season you will need a couple  things, like net, pails, thermometer, test kit, feeding ring, depending  on you and your ponds needing,
“Bernd’s Pond” has a nice variation in the Store in stock.

8. the right Lights and other decorative items

There is a wide variation of lights  available, nothing is more beautiful, than a pond where the high-lights  are high-lighted at night.
Also decorative spitters and sculptures are a beautiful eye catcher.

There are so much opportunities, just come and see at “Bernd’s Pond”, get inspired.

9. the right Myth:

There is so much talking out there, and it seems, as more there is, as more starts to be truth.

I’m surprised, how many myths even in Pond Clubs is going on.

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Myth or Truth
Knowledge Base
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