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Liner Ponds


Liner is flexible and allows more versatility in pond design, ideal for custom installations.
Long lasting, 20 years manufacturer warranty
Exellent performance in cold climates
Ideal for making natural looking streams, waterfalls and ponds
Safe for fish and plants

How to install a Liner-Pond:

Calculating the Liner Size:

Length: (Depth x 2) + Lenght + 2’ (for Overlap)

Width: (Depth x 2) + Width + 2’ (for Overlap)


After selecting the pond location in the yard, outline the desired shape with a garden hose.
Before excavating, decide on the depth of the pond. Remember, the pond must be 24" deep to house goldfish and should be 36" deep to house koi fish.  After excavating, smooth the bottom of the pond with the shovel and  clear any foreign material. Spread sand (2" to 3" deep) with the shovel  evenly on the entire bottom of the pond. Place the Underlayment in the  bottom of the pond.


Take the pond liner out of the box and place it unfolded on the ground. Unfold the liner on the ground next to the pond
( but not on grass, it could burn ) and allow the sun to help smooth its folds and creases (15 to 30  minutes). Drape the liner loosely in the pond. Smooth by hand any  remaining creases or folds. Secure the folds with nice rocks. Partially  fill the pond with water (1/2 full). Place several large stones around  the top of the liner to secure it.

Move  stones to the inner perimeter of the pond. Continue filling the pond  with water and steadily smooth any creases or folds by hand.
When  the pond is filled, add the desired Stones secure the linerseam.  Trim the outer perimeter of the liner with scissors or a utility knife  to conceal the overlap.
Add desired chemicals such as de-chlorinator. 1 Day later add cold water bacteria.


Finish placing stones around the perimeter of the pond. Remember to  reserve space between the stones for the cables to connect to the pump.
Add the pump and filtersystem, start pump and check all connections for tightness.
Approximately 48 hours after completion of the pond,
add plants and about 2 weeks after completion you can add fish. Start with a small amount of fish.

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