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Patio Planter

Planter are easy to plant, just make sure your planter has at least 10” deepth.

Basicly every watertight item with more then 10” deepth and bigger than 17” in diameter
is possible, it just needs a little phantasie.

Depending on the size, add one or two small goldfish, kids will love it
and the fish will take care of all unwanted, like mosquito larvea or algea.

If you follow the planting chema at the end of this site,
there is no additional technic necessary.

And believe me, with waterplants you add something to your yard,
which you never could accomplish with other plants.

Here just a couple samples what might work for you

a_Planter_15 a_Planter_17 a_Planter_18
a_Planter_19 a_Planter_20 a_Planter_21 a_Planter_22

Here an easy to follow planting instruction.
Baskets, Bowls and Plants are avaible in our

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