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Pond - Fish

Basics to Pond-Fish:

Pond-Fish are fish, which can stay over winter in your pond
( if at least 24” deep ).
There are a couple of variations: Goldfish such as Comets, Sarasa and Shubunki, Koi and pretty new to the USA High-Fin-Sharks.
Depending on the size of your pond, there is a limit to how much fish are good.
Most pond owners tend to overcrowd their ponds which can cause algea growth  and also some threatening deseases which could kill all of your fish.

The main rule here is: less is better than to much. About 1” of fish per 2’3
Always remember, your fish will grow, some up to 3’.


For all pond fish the rule  is:
as the temperature drops, the more dormant they become.

As  they go more dormant, the less calories their body can burn.
Because of that, it is important to feed the right food at the right time of the year, depending on the water-temperature.
Also the quality of food is an important parameter, cheap food often  contains lots of fat and a poor combination for a balanced diet.

If you  feed to much, or the wrong food, your fish will eat it, but can not burn it and in this way you get a lot of unwanted and unnecessary waste into your pond. You truly poison your water and it could end up in a big  fish-loss.

If your water temperature is over 65 F feed Summerfood
If your water temperature is under 65F but over 50 F feed Spring and Fall food
If your water temperature is under 50 F quit feeding at all, even if your fish beg for it.


At “Bernd’s Pond” we carry only high quality fish-, cat- and dog-food !!!

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