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Preformed Ponds


Made of high molecular weight polyethylene.
UV-stabilized and designed to withstand heavy water loads, hot summers and frigid winters.
Ideal for small or beginner ponds. Less intimidating.
Easy to visualize the complete pond.
Has shelves already in the right heights and straight
Takes the guess work out of measuring or finding the correct size of liner.
Weekend project, easy to install.
Guaranteed to resist cracking, peeling and fading for 10 years.

How to install a Pre-Formed-Pond

1. Select a location. Most plants prefer 4 to 6 hours of sunlight.
Good drainage and access to electrical power is a must.

2. Stand inside the pond, mark the pond's perimeter in the ground using an edger or flat shovel.
You also can use pegs.
Do not set the pre-formed pond up-site down, the shape won’t fit.


3. Dig a corresponding hole a little larger and deeper. Make sure the excavation has a firmly compacted base.

Note: For our molded shelf ponds, simply replicate the pond's contour within  the excavation, making sure to fully support the shelf with tightly  packed sand.

4. Bed the pond on a layer of sand, then level.
Once the pond is in all directions leveled,
backfill with loose sand between pond and excavation,
stopping at the halfway mark between excavation base and pond's flange.


5. Commence filling with water slowly and continue backfilling. Gauge your timing so the filling and backfilling steps are finished together. Use  Tap-Water to fill the pond. Use De-Chloriner and allow about 24 - 48  hours before planting.

Note: The Pre-Formed Pond should be a little higher, then the ground, to avoid water running from your yard into the pond.

A layer of washed, lightly colored stone may be arranged within the pond  prior to stocking. Dirt and sediment will rest upon the rocks, becoming  less noticeable. Landscape with rocks, plants, fountains or low voltage  lighting as your mood suggests. Combine two or more ponds for a larger,  more dramatic presentation.

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