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Basics to pumps:

Your pump should turn the water in your water-feature/pond between 50% and 150% an hour around.
Water-gardens and fountains don’t need much waterflow, so 50 % usually are okay.

Koi-ponds or combinations of water-garden and koi-pond need more waterflow.

There are external and submersible pumps avaible.

External pumps are outside the water and submersible pumps are in the water.
Both kinds have there benefit and disadvantage
it depends on your setting and preferences, which one is the better choice.

There are more then 1,000 different pumps avaible on the market and every single one has it advantages and disadvantages.
Also there are so much different individual parameter, that there is no true 1 is good for all.

Just as a couple parameter which might accur, Height-Difference, Pipe-Diameter,
needed Waterflow, Filter-Ressistance what kind of filter, Waterfall or Stream or both of it,

(Savio-Skimmerfilter do not fit with there own Savio-Pumps),

UV-Light and/or Cupper-Ionizer and so much more.
“Bernd’s Pond” offers you the full experience and also the reference to customers,
because if your technic doesn’t fit together you have spent lots of money without the benefit you earn.
Please use our offer for a free consultation.

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