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UV Clarifier-Sterilizer

Basics to UV Clarifier/Sterilizer:

There is a wide variation avaible.
Most of them are external, and some are submersil.
And for sure they are not pretty to look at.

The task of UV-Light is, to kill algea-seet but be aware UV-Light do not kill  string-algea-seat but they also kill a lot of benefital material such as bacterias, fish-eggs and even some seet from your pondplants.

UV-Lights need to be installed into your water-system. Mostly behind your filter.

Now what size UV-Light would you need?


The companys give you a lot of numbers, like up to 1,000 Gallons or up to 5,000 gallons,
but that is truly one of the most unimportant numbers and often just a advertising trick from the manufacturer or Retail-places.
At some Retail-places it might be, that they just don’t know better.


Way more important are numbers, like how much water-flow/pressure can they take.
Do you have a Koi-Pond, or a water-garden, is your pond in full sunlight, partial sunlight or shade.
However, “Bernd’s Pond”€¯ offers you to do the math
There is no doupt, that the right UV-Light will be benefitial to your water-feature.
An other advertaising fairytail is, that you need to exchange the uv-bulbs every year.
True is, that uv-bulbs lose over time uv-power and that they should be  replaced, but with the experience from my own pond and from customers,
this is not every year necessary.

At “Bernd’s Pond€¯” we are able to supply you with all commend UV-Bulbs.
We just need to know the brand, the lenght, the wattage and the kind of prong they have.

In the meantime, there are also some statuary UV-Lights avaible.
We have already installed some and they do a wonderful job.

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